The Building Stage

Yo! My name is Arden and about 2 years ago God gave me a vision. A vision to create a space where everyone is welcome at the table. A space where authenticity is a core value. A space where we talk about things that aren't always talked about in a church building. A space where peoples first response is to fight for and with each other.

A vision to break "Christian-Culture" and get real about the ways Jesus is misrepresented.

Today's world and today's Christian culture is constantly misrepresenting who Jesus is. We put Him in a box. We make Him out to be something He is not. And by doing that, people are hurt. People are turned away. People are intimidated. And people lose hope that there is a God that loves and cares for them. If you have experienced judgement or any past hurt by someone who claims to be a follower of Jesus, I am sorry.

We are here to break that. To break down the walls of religion and fight for relationship. To shatter all of the expectation of "tradition" and seek out what The Truth actually speaks.

Truth says that the heart of Jesus is for you. Truth says the heart of Jesus loves you more because of your brokenness and doesn't dismiss you because of it. Truth says that He doesn't want you to carry your brokenness alone, but He wants to bear it. He wants to sit with you in it. He wants to heal you from it. He wants to use it to change the lives of the people around you.

Truth says that you are wanted by Jesus. His arms are open and waiting for you reach out to Him. He hears you. He sees you. And He loves you more than you can comprehend or understand.

This God-Dream is still in the building stage, waiting to see where God takes this next. If you are interested in knowing more about our heart or our vision, reach out! If you would like to get involved or use your gifts to further this mission, click on our "Join the Fam" tab and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Much love,


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